This is the sort of story that, if someone tried to sell it as fiction, they would be laughed out of every agent’s office as simply not believable.

After stopping at the CDC on his way to Mar-a-Lago, Trump heads to the golf course two days in a row

President Trump, the government official ultimately responsible for the response to the coronavirus outbreak, also was in Florida on Saturday. He was three hours east of Lee County, at his private Mar-a-Lago resort. He wasn’t at Mar-a-Lago all day, however. He spent several hours at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach — as he did on Sunday morning, as well.

Today he did return to the White House, but according to the public calendar (…) he first went to a fundraiser at a private house in Langwood FL, only arriving back at his office (well, the building, anyway) at 3:45 PM Eastern time.

It’s been clear all along that the Great Orange Shitgibbon doesn’t want to be bothered with a crisis he didn’t create and can’t control and just wishes would go away so he can grift in peace and quiet. But does he have to be so obvious about it? Apparently so.

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