How to talk to a Right-Wing friend who seems to want to prove you wrong.

Chauvin is guilty of assassinating George Floyd. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

An exasperated listener to PDR asked if my book addressed how to talk to Right-Wing friends whose sole intent is to prove they are right. How do you get past that knee-jerk reaction?

How to talk to your Right-Wing friend

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Guess what? Too many fall into the belief that Americans are all polarized, mad, and furious at each other. Superficially, that is true. But when one spends the time to analyze why it is obvious.

Turn on OANN, Fox News, and Newsmax. What do you see? There are these hacks who are scared. America has reached a tipping point that can allow a real change to occur that will make lives better for most. As such, it is essential to keep people at each other’s throats, and they are running out of time with a dwindling population to turn into faux victims.

The PDR listener asked the prescient questions. How can you communicate where the other person simply wants to be right. My answer is explained in the clip, but the breakdown, in short, is to ensure that they are “right.”

I gave an example of how I spoke to a conservative woman about Medicare for All. I never used the word and just asked her to come up with solutions. Interestingly, her solutions looked a whole lot like Medicare for All.

Most Americans are good. Most Americans are intelligent. We must talk to everyone from that premise. It is not easy. We must mobilize under this premise to effect change.

The thing is, once we toughen our skin a bit, it is easy to accomplish. As our former President said so often, “Yes We Can!”

My books, It’s Worth It: How to Talk To Your Right-Wing Relatives, Friends, and Neighbors” & “As I See It: Class Warfare: The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom” support  (1)  communication techniques &  (2) Progressive message delivery.

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  • April 15, 2021
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