Yesterday I rang up my eldest sister Beth but William answered the phone.

“Hello Bill” I said

“Oh, it’s you” he replied, well at least I rated a cordial you, I don’t think he likes me, heh.

“How are you” I cheerfully replied “it has been awhile”

“Fine” came the curt reply.

“Really, you sound grumpy” I asked

“I am fine” he said testily.

“You can tell me all about it, you know” I said sympathetically, honestly, no sarcasm was intended.

“What are you talking about?” he said softening a touch.

“Why, your recent bad news, it must have come as a shock, you must be heartbroken” I said cheerily

I heard an intake of breath, so I continued “never mind I am sure it will all turn out for the best”

“I’ll get your sister” he said ice forming on the words “Beth!” he shouted I could hear muffled mumbling