How to shut up a conservative on Trump's jobs records, in one tweet

If there’s one persistent myth about Donald Trump’s reign of idiocy, it’s that he’s somehow turned the economy around following years of tepid job growth.

In fact, in response to today’s jobs report, Kevin Brady, the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, released this Brobdingnagian bushel o’ bullshit:

“With 196,000 jobs being added in March and wages continuing to rise for working moms and dads, today’s report shows that this strong economy still has room to run.

“While Democrats continue their misguided efforts to impeach a President who has turned this economy around after years of stagnation, Republicans are going to continue to put forth policies to ensure this economy continues to work for families and Main Street businesses.

“Since the GOP Tax Cuts were signed into law, paychecks keep growing and labor force participation rate is staying put at a higher rate – showing not only that people are going back to work, but remaining in these good-paying jobs.”

Enter Betsey Stevenson, a former chief economist at the Department of Labor and a member of the Council of Economic Advisers under Barack Obama. She has a deep background in economics, so she knows what she’s talking about — but more importantly, she knows how to average BLS figures.

And this morning she tweeted this, as a reminder to Republicans who somehow can’t add a bunch of big numbers together and divide by 12:


In 2010, of course, we were still recovering from Republican deregulation fever, but by 2011, Obama’s third year in office, things had turned around, and we started to get the kind of job growth we’re still experiencing today, despite Trump’s slew of unforced errors.

In fact, Obama beat Trump’s current average five times, so Brady is clearly talking out of his second-least-articulate orifice.

Anyway, you might want to print that tweet out and show it to the next GOPster who crows about Trump’s Midas touch. First of all, he’s mostly lagged behind Obama when it comes to creating jobs. Secondly, his presidency, sadly, isn’t over yet. Judging by Republicans’ recent track record, the only thing he’ll be creating in another year or so is a smoldering crater where the economy used to be.

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