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How sociopaths talk when blood is on their hands, as only GOP states refuse stay-at-home orders

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— The American Independent (@AmerIndependent) April 2, 2020

Tucker Carlson, running out of content, tries sinophobic scapegoating again, because “you/jews will not replace us” wasn’t provocative enough even in Charlottesville.


— Media Matters (@mmfa) April 2, 2020

JOSH HAWLEY: The American people have known this for decades, they have known that partnering with China is dangerous. They have known that sending our supply chains overseas was wrong. Now, we have the opportunity to correct those mistakes. It's time that we go all in on America rather than all in on China and we are going to have the chance to do that now.

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I hope so. I mean, we can start by ceasing the subsidizing of the education for the children of Chinese elites. I know this is off-topic, but I can't resist.

Our colleges and universities, almost every one of which is supported by taxpayers in the end, educate at a net loss, the children of the people who are trying to displace us. Why are we doing that?…

How a sociopath talks:



— TBogg (@tbogg) April 2, 2020


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