How I handled the most recent caller to my show who called me a nigg$$r.

People use the N-Word because they expect it to have a hurtful effect allowing the user to feel empowered. I have been saying for the longest time that I wish people would learn to accept selective words as simply hot vibrating air. Doing so disempower the user and can server to neutralize them altogether. That's what I did with a recent caller.

Over the years all the epithets used on me of every nature have simply bounced off. What I have started doing is forcing the attacker overtly or subliminally to acknowledge that their attempt at superiority results in the reverse. A few times I have even gotten apologies neither sought or desired.

The following is how I handled the most recent caller who called me a nigg$$r on air. The reality is I really feel a sense of sorrow for these folks.

I don't think the caller expected this.

I am sure the guy who called in watched the response. They like to see the results of their deed. I am sure a seed was planted that maybe at some time will grow. Until then I imagine guys like the caller likely believes he has nothing to live for positive in nature.

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