Barack Obama won a Presidency on Hope and Change.

The Republicans gave us 8 years of utterly outrageous obstruction.

Many Democrats folded like a house of cards in a gale.

The apparent winner of the Republican primaries gives us fear and loathing.

The apparent winner of the Democratic primaries gives us business as usual.

I have a great deal of respect for President Obama [not that I always agree] and believe he brought back the dignity to the office that had been so badly eroded. Not one hint of a scandal and a sense that indeed things were safe in his hands. Personally I will miss him and that will be the first time I can say that in my lifetime.

I can see why the choice on one side is for business as usual, let me just say that I disagree 100% with that viewpoint.

No matter what happens from here on in I would like to thank my senator Bernie Sanders as one of the few politicians that I trust and you have my support no matter what you decide to do.

Go Bernie!

Thank you Barack for being better than the rest.

  • March 16, 2016