How far have we fallen? This country feels pity for us.

This illustrates how far we have fallen as a country. When a country's behavior reflects what we criticized for third world countries, one is in trouble.

We have fallen this far.

MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace pointed out that the American government called out china for misinformation and suppression of COVID-19.

“What does it look like the world over,” Wallace asked. “when the leader of the free world is lying and smearing America's version of a truth teller.”

Epidemiologist Anne Rimoin could not hold back her incredulity.

“I am basically without words here,” Rimoin replied.

She then tells a story in the clip that should embarrass every American.

“What I can say here is I have been working in places like the Democratic Republic of the Congo my entire career,” Rimoin said. “And my colleagues there say, 'Now you know what it is like.' We have fallen far from our seat of being the country that stands as a bastion of science and truth and understanding,”

The epidemiologist continues in disgust.

“The fact of the matter is,” she continues. “Dr. Fauci is a scientist. So he is letting science dictate recommendations. And that is where we should be.”

She then slammed the president for taking advice from the likes of unserious Mr. Love Connection Chuck Woolery.

“It is utterly, insanity,” she said.

Trump had retweeted a Chuck Woolery conspiracy theory tweet.



p style=”text-align:start”>Anne Rimoin accurately describes the state of our Executive branch with its sycophants in the Judiciary and Congress. Only a complete Trumpist wipe-out in 2020 can get us back on track.

Based on the polls today, we are building the necessary coalition to do just that. Trump as well, is making it easier. But we must not rest or leave any stone unturned.

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