I wish I had the answer to my feelings on this.   Thanks to Bush and Co.,  we saw the Guard fighting in Iraq.  This was not the National Guard’s job in my opinion but we saw them there.   

I remember seeing the Guard at Kent State.  I was not  happy about that episode and time in history.  I remember the Guard being called in to keep the peace in Alabama.   I really don’t know how I feel about the military in full military gear bringing groceries to Grandma.  Oh that would me  as I am nearly 70.    Is this just me? 

 Why do I have the feeling this is supposed to be something really good for the state yet feels so uncomfortable?   I guess I just don’t trust republicans or their way of handling things.   It is not what they are saying about a deadly virus but what they are not saying? 

 I am so confused regarding the “We have your back” from republicans and military in the streets and us not knowing what is what.  Am I the only one feeling this way?  I mean when I think of the National Guard, I think of militarization and not Boy Scouts.   You can’t shoot a germ.   Where was the Guard in PR?  Where was the Guard in the Travin Martin case?  I dunno.   I am very confused on this militarization and healthcare.  Maybe it was all the yelling of “Lock her up” that has unnerved me  that came from Republicans.  


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis updated Florida’s preparations and response to the coronavirus Friday, telling the state to expect the number of positive cases of coronavirus to continues to grow.

DeSantis and state Surgeon General Dr. Scott Rivkees said the overwhelming majority of the now 51 patients in the state are connected to international travel. Of those cases, 45 are residents and six others, including one each in St. Johns and Alachua counties, are from elsewhere. There are also five Florida residents diagnosed with COVID-19 recovering out of state.

Oh and I am old enough to remember, there was no National Guard troops when I had the measles as a child.

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