How can liberal NYT subscribers mock Trump supporters? In the end isn't it the same puerile loyalty?

There is a devastating article from Jezebel up about Laura McGann, one of the true heroes of the #metoo movement. She is the woman who wrote the article about Glenn Thrush.  Thrush got a two month suspension and a pretty good NYT gig with HUD. McGann is having her career and her life destroyed by ugly whisper campaigns, much of it emanating from the NYT newsroom.  The NYT is an ugly and a toxic place. As Mark Sumner documents in a great diary on the recommended list, they are also subservient and sycophantic to power and authority in the way they lionize Trump. They have shown no reflection at all for their destruction of Hillary Clinton, which brought Trump to power.  They have beat reporters with familial conflicts of interest (Maggie Haberman) which they not only ignore but actively keep from the reading public. History will not be kind to the NYT but there seems to be a streak of privileged nihilism that courses through the bloodstream of that paper.

It is currently apparent that the NYT is misogynist and power hungry to its core. And yet the same people who laugh at the Trump supporters who stay with Trump even when he screws them on health care and jobs renew their subscriptions. They religiously read that paper every day.  Who are you if you are still reading the Times.  What are you supporting?  Maybe you need to take a look in the mirror.