“How about if we’re unified against insurrection? Unity starts with accountability.” GOP gaslighting

Trump may have only toyed with the idea of a third party until he realized how much money he needed to grift up front from people who would need to stay out of prison. Gaslight is indeed political vaporware.







Former President Donald Trump is no longer interested in forming a third party that would challenge the GOP from the right, according to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

Citing individuals familiar with the former president’s thinking, Haberman reported Sunday via Twitter that he has been “talked out of” the idea.

Trump has made it “clear” to aides and advisers that he won’t follow through on the threat, per Haberman’s sources briefed on the matter.

Trump reportedly wanted to start a third party, called the Patriot Party, to put pressure on Senate Republicans and force them to acquit him in the upcoming impeachment trial.

However, he has realized that most Republicans probably won’t vote to convict him anyway. In addition, aides explained to Trump that he would not be able to primary lawmakers who wronged him if he started the Patriot Party, according to the reporter.


Clear as mud since nominees need to be approved, and will there be witnesses even as Trump might want to testify in order to showboat for more grifting.









  • January 25, 2021