certificate Covid-19 Vaccine

How about “Build A Covid Wall”?

Once the vaccine has become globally available say from June 2021 then:

To enter any foreign country you need a Covid-19 Certification, similar to yellow fever  to avoid spreading from or importing to the disease.

I would say this is absolutely necessary to improve the take up of the vaccine there needs to be at least a 70% uptake. In fact, I would make it compulsory for any means of travel where identification is required.

They can scream all they like about freedumb[sic] and the constitution, but, those end at the US borders. No certificate no boarding the international flight/cruise ship/train etc. You could even promote it to them as “build a Covid Wall”, paper is cheaper than steel and concrete. Antivaxers can stay home, until they change their minds.

I am pretty sure that many countries will go down this route.

Build The Wall!