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How about a script for prosperity? Vote for this Dem to save Fl. Lives. Help Kayser Enneking, MD.


Tired of the home of Barnum Bailey Circus clowns holding Florida hostage as the Republicans today showed just how much they care about We the People?  I sure am.

You eat an elephant one bite at at time.  You take seats away from elephants one vote at a time.

We win back sanity from the circus clowns and crybabies with no sense of rule of law by voting adults into office.  We do it from the grassroots up.  We vote for people who give their lives to serve and save their fellow man.

Gainesville is a college town and we have a great candidate running as a delegate for Florida state house.  She is a doctor and her skills can really help save lives.… YOU CAN DONATE HERE:

MEET A DOCTOR WHO HAS SPENT HER LIFE SAVING LIVES:  She wants to make your life in Florida better.   DONATE ……DONATE …..DONATE….

Kayser Enneking, MD,  grew up in Gainesville, Florida and is a graduate of Gainesville High School. She and her husband, Mark Scarborough, MD are lifelong friends and both graduates of the UF College of Medicine. After a residency in Texas and fellowship at Harvard, they moved back to Gainesville, where they work for the University of Florida and started a family.

Kayser has been a leader at the national and local level advocating for improving quality and efficiency of our health care systems. Her work at UF Health as a practicing physician and health care leader have strengthened the quality of care provided to patients in this district. As a community leader, Kayser has visited communities throughout North-Central Florida and saw first-hand the disparities in our health care system.

Now, Kayser is running for the Florida State House because she believes improvements to our health care system start with making sure everyone has access to quality health care. That starts with expanding Medicaid in our state. She understands that leadership is about guiding change, not just announcing something doesn’t work. Her mission now, as it always has been, is to improve the lives those she serves.

                                                           This doc has a prescription for prosperity.

As sick as this GOP disease has spread, isn’t it time we get a script to stop it.  Vote for Kayser 2020.

Go to her website and donate…volunteer or write postcards.

She is a winner for Healthcare  and it begins in Tallahassee.  iT BEGINS WITH YOU AND THE VOTE AND GETTING OUT THE VOTE.