It’s very easy to get lost in all the legal BS between the Trump Administration and Congress, but we already know that acting DNI Maquire is not cooperating with the House Intelligence Committee.  Keep this in mind folks:  Maquire has already ignored a subpoena on the whistleblower complaint.  There is no “IF” that Maquire will continue to stonewall.  Therefore, Chairman Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats on the Intelligence Committee better have a Plan B when Maquire says, “Though shit.  I will not answer your questions nor give you the whistleblower complaint.”

The Director of National Intelligence refused Tuesday to comply with a House subpoena for a mysterious whistleblower complaint made last month

House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had subpoenaed the complaint on Friday after the Intelligence Community inspector general informed Congress that a whistleblower had come forward with a matter of “urgent concern.”

Emboldened is mine.

The DNI general counsel Jason Klitenic wrote this reply to Schiff:

In his Tuesday refusal to comply with Schiff’s subpoena, Klitenic wrote that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence was “committed” to finding “an acceptable accommodation, consistent with the established confidentiality interests of the Executive Branch.”

Klitenic asserted that the DNI had complied with “all applicable law” in refusing to hand over the whistleblower complaint to Congress.

“While we are seeking to expedite consideration of the Committee’s request, it will simply not be possible for the DNI to complete those consultations by this afternoon,” Klitenic wrote.

Uh huh.

I don’t think this has really been covered adequately in the Media.  Schiff already served Maquire with a subpoena, and, once again, a Trump Administration Official has said, “Fuck off.”  Oh, there is BS about finding some “accomodation,” but this is par for the course with Trump.  And given how the other Trump Administration officials have acted in front of congress, it’s a given that Maquire will not cooperate with the Intelligence Committee.

Therefore, I hope that Schiff has something up his sleeve.  Congresswoman Jackie Speier has stated on MSBNC that they should have an inherent contempt charge thrown at Maquire if he stonewalls.  She’s on the Intelligence Committee.  Speier is also an advocate for an impeachment inquirty.    And Schiff has clearly said that impeachment may be what we are heading for.

But do not be surprised on Thursday when Maquire goes into full bore psuedo-legalese when testifying before the House Intelligence Committee.

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