Host scolds a willfully ignorant Republican mayor blaming CDC for COVID-19 failure

MSNBC Host Nicolle Wallace masterfully called out GOP Miami Mayor Francis Suarez as he tried to blame CDC as opposed to Trump for COVID-19 continued failed response.

Nicolle Wallace pleasantly scolds mayor Francis Suarez on behalf of CDC

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Nicolle Wallace asked a simple question. Is the federal government setting the wrong tone by forcing people back to work instead of mitigating the pandemic first?

The mayor went immediately into presidential defense mode. He did not have to call the president's name. He simply laid blame immediately at the feet of the Center for Disease Control. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said he did not know what the reason was why he was not getting guidance from the CDC. Granted this is the CDC that the Trump administration cut loose from acquiring daily pandemic data from hospitals around the country. Wallace would have none of it.

“Do you really not know what the reason is?” an incredulous Wallace asked. “Why you haven't seen the CDC guidance front and center?”

“You can tell me what the reasons are,” the mayor responded sarcastically.

“I just read the papers,” Nicolle responded sarcastically too. “I am sure you do too.

The mayor then said it does not matter what the reasons are. He just need the CDC to do its job.

Wallace asked Suarez who was his main contact at the CDC. He said they have a liaison but get very little information. Nicolle gave the mayor the most piercing scolding in a gentle manner.

“You're a mayor of a huge city and a hot spot and it's stunning to me that you haven't read the public reporting that the Vice President is using public appearances to squash CDC guidelines or diminish them when it comes to the debate around public school openings,” Wallace said. “You surely have read public reports that the CDC has been cut out of patient reportings from hospitals that have hospitalized COVID patients. You surely; I've spent time in Miami. I know you get the New York Times there. They've had stunning reporting that HHS and the CDC tried to sell the alarms to the White House. I'm happy to try to get you some better phone numbers. But sir, you must be aware that the CDC is trying to help people exactly like yourself.”

It is amazing the degree of willful ignorance that permeates the Republican Party. They must pay in Election 2020.

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