Homosexuality in the latest 'Star Wars' film angers conservatives, and me, but for different reasons

So my son took me to see the last Star Wars movie. This last trilogy started off so hopeful and ended so badly that I found myself pining for the terrible prequels. The final film of the new trilogy, The Rise of SkyWalker, really drove home the problems that have plagued these new films: disjointed plots, one-dimensional characters, amateurish plot devices (the MacGuffins were strong with this one), zero character growth, and insulting dialogue.

Yet just as the theme in Star Wars is that no one is beyond redemption, you can always find something redeemable to enjoy in each of these films—just enough to give Disney money for the next film.  You can always expect awesome special effects, breathtaking visuals, a few good action sequences, and just enough of a story thread to keep you from walking out.  

There’s so much I could discuss the latest film, but this is not a review. There’s plenty of that out there online. In fact, I already wrote a review of the film, and it was during this review I noticed something that has bothered me more and more every time I think about it. It’s a scene at the very end of the film. 

I’m not giving away any big spoiler to tell you that somehow, someway, the good guys will eventually be victorious. (This is Star Wars, people.) There’s a scene near the end of the film where joyous characters are hugging and kissing each other after a big battle. For a brief second, we get a very quick shot of a very minor female character who was in the background for the past two films greeting and kissing her girlfriend. So yes, Star Wars has it’s first-ever “gay kiss.” Conservatives who make their career hating Hollywood really lost their minds over the promotion of the “gay agenda.” Here’s the thing—I really hate it too, but not for the same reason.