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Holy sh*t! Did Pence write that explosive NYT editorial on Trump's off-the-rails presidency?

Holy albino ballsack, brother.

Mike Pence is a weaselly little turd, but could he have actually written that jaw-dropping New York Times editorial blasting Trump for being an off-the-rails crazy fuck who needs to be babysat 24/7?

Well, speculation is running wild because of one little tell. And it’s an odd one:


Check this out:

One word in a New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous senior Trump administration official has captivated people on social media.

The op-ed claims there's a secret resistance against President Donald Trump in the White House. It set off a firestorm online after it was published Wednesday, and now people are trying to identify the author.

Some have latched on to the word “lodestar” as a possible clue.

The word has been used by Vice President Mike Pence in past speeches, and the fact it's not typically heard in casual conversation has prompted speculation that he may have been the person who wrote the op-ed.

Pence continually acts as if he wants to build a tastefully appointed Cape Cod cottage in Trump’s sigmoid colon and live there for the next six and a half years, but we all know he really wants to be president.

Does that obsequious, shit-eating smile he’s done his best to perfect over the past few years hide loftier ambitions? And are those ambitions prompting the VP to kick his boss when he’s most vulnerable? I sure as hell wouldn’t put it past him.

They caught the Unabomber because of telltale verbal quirks that appeared in his manifesto. Will Pence be outed as a Trump traitor?

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Stay tuned.


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