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Hmm: The Lincoln Project.

I found some of their attack ads amusing for a short time, then I remembered the origins of these attacks, similar in style to attack ads released against the left by republicans and done by the same people.

They were totally ineffective with respect to Trump’s supporters  and I do not believe they were ever intended to be.

The actual target appeared to me to be the middle of US politics and stated “see, there are still some sane republicans”. Yep, I believe them, not.

The Republican Party’s objectives are still the same no matter if their supporters dream otherwise.

Asset stripping America and as much of the World that is possible and giving it to the wealthiest families. The trickle down myth is still strong.

They will embrace any person, group or idea that furthers their cause, they will refuse all attempts to reverse this when out of power by blind ideological obstruction.

They have absorbed, the chicken hawks, the torturers, birthers, teabaggers, right wing terrorists and soon the combined lunacy of QAnon and the Trumpists. No group is too fucked-up to ignore, racists, Misogynists, bigots, religious loons etc included.

I firmly believe that the only reason for the Lincolns Project existence was the fact that Trump said things out loud, not what he said. I expect 95% of them will be back fighting for the Republican Party in two years time and feeding their base bullshit yet again.

At least Democrats should be able to see the type of ads that will be run about them in 2022 and 2024.

Fiscal conservatism died in the 1960s. Republican Sanity was buried in the 1980s by Reagan.