It is clear that the Democratic Party proper, the mainstream media, and the plutocracy has a preferred presidential candidate. Historian Jon Meacham made a very uncomfortable point on Morning Joe this morning that will be problematic if said chosen one, Joe Biden becomes the nominee.

Joe Biden does come across as a nice guy from the past. Much of his negatives can be attributed to having been conditioned by his time and the Powell manifesto, There is no doubt he believes the policies he supports and those more progressive policies he rejects is the right thing. Shortsighted as that might be for the realities that many Americans are living, the fact is that many who live it are clouded by the same resignation to the status quo, believing that is the best they are deserving of, or that more is unattainable.

Historian Jon Meacham points out who the Democratic Party believes have more worth.

Hillary Clinton, a woman in a country that still has the proclivity to misogyny and sexism, won the popular vote by 3 million votes but lost by about 80,000 votes combined in three states, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. If one starts by understanding that loss and working to attract those Democratic voters and others like them around the country, we could run on our progressive policies that would economically help these people.

Meacham pointed out that the party had two choices, appeal to those voters or appeal to the 10 to 15% of Republicans who *may* vote for one of the Democratic candidates. He made it clear the party chose the latter and then he made his most prescient statement.

“Let's be honest,” Historian Jon Meacham said. “Joe Biden right now looks a lot more like a Bush, a McCain, or a Romney than anybody else on the stage. Which is kind of a remarkable thing.”

Who are we fighting for again?

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