The real shame of that statement is that it is true, if you agree with her positions and votes over the last quarter of a century.

My issue is I have been in opposition to nearly all of them, the same with my choice in the Primary Bernie Sanders.

I will remain in opposition to them as long as they continue and still consider what you do at the time really matters, rather than changing your mind when the shit covers the walls and the fan is clogged.

The decisions at the time ruined peoples lives and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

The decisions helped drive to even greater extremes the toxicity of extremist movements.

Changing your mind later on gains the admiration of some, I prefer you get them right at the time.

That’s what matters when you are the most powerful person on the planet every decision has immediate ramifications for more than just Americans. We have seen far too often the consequences of when an American President gets it wrong, wouldn’t it make a nice change that they got it right first time around the block?

I’m with Bernie

Go Bernie

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