Hillary Cameos on Rebooted “Murphy Brown”. “E-mails. I do have some experience with e-mails…”

Best Hillary cameo since she tended bar for Kate McKinnon

Vanity Fair

‘The Murphy Brown revival debuted Thursday night with a little help from a very powerful friend: Hillary Clinton. The politician popped up for a brief cameo in the episode, playing a woman named Hilary Clendon—who, yes, gets told all the time that she looks like Clinton. “But my name’s spelled with one ‘L,’” she assures a slightly gobsmacked Brown (Candice Bergen). In a cheeky twist, Clendon has actually come by Brown’s office to interview for a secretarial position—a callback to a running Murphy Brown joke about the title character’s endlessly rotating array of administrative assistants. Tapping Clinton offered the show’s writers every opportunity to play on her real-world experience, having Clendon deliver easy lines like, “For four years . . . I was the secretary of a very large organization.

“And you have all the requisite skills—computer, e-mail?” Murphy asks.

“E-mails. I do have some experience with e-mails,” Clendon replies with a straight face, while Clinton’s soul probably thrashed around a little. Ultimately, Brown determines that Clendon might be overqualified for the gig, but she takes her business card anyway, which includes this e-mail address: hilary@youcouldahadme.com.”

Great acting job.

Maybe she’ll show up for Roseanne’s wake on The Conners…