Hey Marine Combat Veterans! Your Service Ain't Nuthin' Compared to the Hazards of a Congressman!

Bunch of damn p*****s Marine combat veterans are, at least compared to the hazards of being a Republican Congressman like Andy Barr of Kentucky!

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr compared his political experience to the military service of his Democratic opponent, Amy McGrath, a 20-year Marine Corps fighter pilot who flew bombing missions against Al Queda and the Taliban.

Barr, the Republican incumbent who is running for re-election in Kentucky's sixth district, made his comments in a New York Times reportpublished Thursday.

And what battle scars did Andy Barr earn in his extensive years (6 of them) in politics?

“We both served our country,” Barr told the New York Times. “I’ve served in a position where ideas matter. My opponent has served her country in the military, where execution matters.”

Translation:  I’m an officer and a gentleman in the arena of  important ideas, while Amy McGrath is just a damn grunt.”

I think I enjoyed this reply from a one Kentucky Democrat:

Marisa McNee, a spokeswoman for Kentucky Democrats, said Barr's comments were “out of touch.”

“Andy has obviously lost his mind and is out of touch if he thinks serving six years as a politician is comparable to military service,” McNee said in a statement. “It’s an insult to our current and retired military members to suggest that wearing a suit and dining with bank lobbyists in Congress is the same as putting your life on the line for your country.”

Well, what can one expect from a Republican?  After all, Donald Trump compared avoiding the clap to his own personal Vietnam War.  The same war he dodged back in the day.