Hey! Maria Butina Was at NRA Convention in Louisville in 2016! Guess Who Met with Her?

From the Louisville Courier-Journal:

Maria Butina, arrested and accused by the U.S. government of being a Russian spy who tried to influence American politicians, was a last-minute speaker at a 2016 fundraising dinner in Louisville that included Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton as guests.

Butina, identified as the chairwoman of the “Russian NRA,” was a guest speaker at the Heroes for Freedom and Liberty Dinner at the Mellwood Arts Center in Louisville on May 19, 2016.

It was the week of the National Rifle Association's annual convention in Louisville. At that gathering, Butina and a Russian handler by the name of Alexandr Torshin met briefly with Donald Trump Jr. in Louisville.

Nothing like being at ground zero for some Trump treason.

And look at who else was in attendance backstage at the NRA Convention:

It’s the treasoneous Snapping Turtle, the Racist Evil Keebler Elf, KIDNAPPER Stephen Miller, and The Incredible Trump!  I wonder if the REST of this fun group got to meet with the Russians Torshin and Butina?

  • July 24, 2018