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Hey, Jim Jordan! Your (Freudian) slip is showing!

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Man, oh man! Jim Jordan (R-Blowhio) was something to behold today in his non pay per view Trumper tantrum directed at FBI agent Peter Strzok. Mostly, what I thought was how much I would have liked to see Jordan in action in a courtroom, striding around the courtroom screaming, “I'M out of order, YOU'RE out of order, this whole COURT is out of order!”

But, in that hearing today, Jim Jordan did himself no favors, and his daytime Emmy winning performance may soon come back to haunt him on another personal and professional matter.

What did Jim Jordan do today, on national TV? He basically called a decorated FBI agent a liar. He repeatedly misrepresented what Strzok said, and he attempted to shout Strzok down any time he started to say something that Jordan really didn't want to be heard. For Jim Jordan, maintaining the reputation of his boss was more important than any uncomfortable truths being revealed. In short, it confirms what has become a set pattern for Jim Jordan.

Why is this important? Because right now, a minimum of 8 Ohio State wrestlers are claiming that they were sexually abused by the team doctor, and that Jim Jordan was either personally aware, or worse, that they had directly advised him of this problem, and that he did nothing to rectify the abuse.

And what has been Jim Jordan's response to these allegations? He went on FOX News, and in backhanded doublespeak, called the wrestlers liars. In a sly, back stabbing manner, he impugned the dignity and integrity of the wrestlers, by saying, “The saddest thing is that I know these guys, and I know that they know the truth.”

So, here's my question. If Jim Jordan is willing to lie, and to cast aspersions and slander an FBI agent in order to protect a shitheels like Der Gropinfuror, why would anybody ever believe that he wouldn't lie, and slander these wrestlers, to get up on his hind legs to prevent the truth from coming out, in order to protect his own personal integrity, as well as the honor and integrity of the wrestling program that he was so proud of?

Today, Jim Jordan came off like a cross eyed attack dog, snapping at empty air in blind fury and noise. But in doing so, he he directly corresponded his behavior today with the way he is conducting himself in the budding scandal he currently finds himself mired in. And gave people even more reason to doubt both his words, as well as his integrity and sincerity. Nice going, doofus.

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