Hey Former Congressman Mark Sanford! I Think You Can Be a Little More Critical of Trump Now.

Soon to be former Congressman Mark Sanford of SC-1st was on that bothsiderist TV show Kasie DC on MSNBC, and he was asked about Trump and the SDNY’s sentencing memo on Cohen.  If you want to see a profile in political courage, this was not it.

A shocker I know.

Now, I would have thought after Trump got you beat in a Republican primary that you might be a little pissed about that.  I think I would be.  But I suppose if you are angling for working as a lobbyist that you do not want to rock that boat.  And Sanford appeared to be a man whose balls were still in Trump’s pocket because he dodged that question about Trump being an unindicted co-conspirator on breaking campaign finance laws.

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In fact, Steve Kornacki had to ask the question a second time to get Sanford to engage on this issue.  And Sanford still continued to dodge.  This left Kornacki trying to get Sanford to comment about whether or not Republicans should go along with impeachment on Trump.  Kornacki reminded Sanford that when Republicans impeached Bill Clinton it was all about breaking the law by perjury.

Shocker:  Sanford was unenthused by this.

Sanford pointed out that Democrats were going to go down the same path that Republicans did with Bill Clinton.  The House might impeach, but the Republican Senate would not convict.  The end.

Kornacki had the bad manners to remind Sanford that Republicans took the worst beating in a midterm since Watergate.  Did Sanford see any downside to supporting Trump?  No real answer on this question.

Then I had this nagging little thought.  Didn’t Democrats pick up the SC-1st seat?  I could have sworn I had heard something about that on election night.

Hey!  What do you know!  Democrat Joe Cunnigham beat Trumpist Katie Arrington for that seat!

Not only did Trump help you to lose your primary to a lunatic, but Trump cost Republicans a usually safe House seat as well!

But here was Sanford suddenly all chastised.  Where was the man who showed a small amount of political “courage” — at least as defined by the likes of Tweety Bird — by criticizing Trump?  Gone it seems.

  • December 10, 2018