Regarding republican legislators, Do all of us realize, we are paying these people to do this horrific coup?  We cannot continue to let this stand.

This talking is getting us nowhere but stressed and more apt to get sick if not down right killed.  These people who are in this cult are wanting to do more than talk over us in their maskless and spewing venum and common sense and logic.   First of all why was Trump so angry from the get go.  Why?  Why such a dark ignauration speech?  We need to shut this government down until some folks get arrested for sedition.  A message has to be sent.  I want the FBI to walk in an arrest the enablers, Rush and all the Right winged Nut Jobs threatning and inciting violence.  Shut their mouths and lock them up.. The people are sick and dying and we are being pushed around like baby buggies by thugs and traitors.

 The republicans such as McConnell tried to doom Obama’s presidency from the beginning .   They got the useful idiot but there is more to this than love of Trump.   This is a  coup.   These cultist are willing to die not for their so called love of country.   They do not have a clue about democracy, but for the man himself.    Why is that ? 

 They do not want anything but power and control over people and some in Ga are seeing his ruthless destruction.  Too late.  Or does he have a hit on all of you and your families?  What is wrong with you?   I am talking about the enablers, not Mitt Romney who is calling this madness.

We are going to have to demand somehow an arrest and an example of accountability for sedition.  The talking is over.  Face it.  There is no talking to them.    When 90 percent of republicans in congress won’t accept a duly elected president, then we have a problem.

  The FBI needs to raid the White House and any other Terrorist organization that is planning to overthrow the government.  We are ripe not only for the internal discourse and overthrow but any other country to walk in and take over.   I told you all a long long time ago an election alone would not fix what we have and especially on top of a sick country in a pandemic and I have my own thoughts of  Why Trump has been keeping us sick as Trump has done.  Ask yourself why he has done nothing to help our sick and dying?  The man is a maniac and he has bamboozled the weak and spineless hopeless, deranged people who have no critical thinking skills.    We are not meant to live this way.  We can’t much longer.  It is past time for this idiot to go….one way or another.   I personally don’t care if he dies in office, marched out in handcuffs or goes by his own hand.  I want civility and a decent place to live and bring up my grandchildren.  You are under seige right now and January 20th is not going to solve this problem.

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

John F. Kennedy


  • December 10, 2020