'He's rattled': Paranoid Trump broods about possible recession

You can tell when Donald Trump is upset about something — his lies and non sequiturs become far more feral, frequent, and surreal.

Meanwhile, we all sit back and observe with a mixture of contempt, amusement, and horror — like watching a chimpanzee in a room with several boxes scattered around try to get the banana off the ceiling. Except in this case the banana is the global economy. And we need to eat it in order to live. But we all know the second he lays his hands on it he’s going to just rub it on his crotch or something.

Tortured analogies aside, even Trump’s cotton-candy machine of a head appears to have sussed out the possibility that the economy may have curdled under his watch, and it looks like he’s worried that his quixotic war against the worldwide community of people who have actually studied and learned things could take a bad turn.

The Washington Post:

Trump has a somewhat conspiratorial view, telling some confidants that he distrusts statistics he sees reported in the news media and that he suspects many economists and other forecasters are presenting biased data to thwart his reelection, according to one Republican close to the administration who was briefed on some of the conversations.

“He’s rattled,” this Republican said. “He thinks that all the people that do this economic forecasting are a bunch of establishment weenies — elites who don’t know anything about the real economy and they’re against Trump.”

Trump has relentlessly bludgeoned Fed Chair Jerome H. Powell over interest rates and has told aides and allies that he would be a scapegoat if the economy goes south.

That second paragraph tells you everything you need to know about Trump, and why voting for him again is the equivalent of holding a gun to your own head and daring yourself to pull the trigger.

“Establishment weenies” who “don’t know anything about the real economy.”

Uh huh.

And what is this “real economy” exactly? The one that’s entirely based on lap dances and upsizing to the large fry on your Big Mac combo?

Meanwhile, thanks to this bunch, we couldn’t possibly be more fucked if we do enter a recession, which looks more and more likely by the day:

“When the economy turns down, one of the important resources we have is policymakers’ credibility,” [former Treasury Secretary Lawrence] Summers said. “Ludicrous forecasts and economically illiterate statements have dissipated the credibility of the president’s economic team.”

Gee, ya think? Economically illiterate statements coming from these guys? I mean, Jared Kushner found Peter Navarro — the brains behind the tariffs regime — on an Amazon search. That’s how I found my memory foam pillow! How bad can he be?

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