Move on and whatever you do don’t use the “T-word”

  • Let’s forget about all the times he has praised armed extreme right wing terrorist groups, because well you know, they are good people.
  • Let’s ignore his impeachment, he was just yanking Ukraine's crank.
  • Can we just move on from 350,000 dead, it’s just fake news n’all.
  • Let’s not talk about how he is stirring up sedition in congress, I mean, they are only real conservatives doing what their hearts tells them to do.
  • I’ll overlook how the military are resisting his calls for deployment of the military in swing states to do a makeover of the election, come on, they will just have a nice day out.
  • We will just sidestep his impression of Marlon Brando in the “Godfather” when trying to get Georgia’s elected officials to find a measly few 11,000 votes.
  • His call for right wing groups to demonstrate in DC to intimidate congress tomorrow is merely a prank.

The poor man is hurting I tell you, give him a break, he needs time to heal.

Just remember “he is not a Traitor, he’s a very naughty boy!”.

Betrayal of his Oath of Office, never.

Donald Trump is a traitor at least according to the Lincoln Project, see it's not just me.