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Here's the pro-mask poster we need

As everyone knows, elderly people are most at risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes, so it’s puzzling that Donald Trump — a senior who depends on the votes of seniors — has been so blasé about the pandemic.

And his campaign message to you — “Trump: Let’s Spin That Chamber Again and See What the Fuck Happens This Time” — is somewhat discordant with his stated desire for another term.

You might even say Trump hasn’t taken the virus seriously at all — especially considering that simply wearing a mask in public and consistently encouraging others to do so would have likely saved the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.

So that’s why those of us in the sane community need to get real.

And this is as real as it gets:

The translation, for those of you who didn’t take German in high school or, like me, took it but forgot almost everything except “fick dich, du orangefarben Arschloch”:

“We obey the corona rules.”


The “We obey the corona rules” ad, launched by the Berlin Senate and Visit Berlin, initially appeared on Tuesday in a local newspaper, but it quickly spread on social media.

Christian Tänzler, spokesman for Visit Berlin, said the poster – which is part of a wider campaign – is to remind people to follow rules in the city.
“Most Berliners and our guests respect and follow the corona rules but some people don't. These people risk the lives of older people and people from the at-risk community,” he told the BBC.
“We wanted to give attention to this problem. For this reason we have chosen this provocative motif.”

Hey, if we want to reproduce this ad in the U.S., I’ll be happy to pose. Or you could use any number of pics of me from my phone’s photo library. After all, Trump has been president for nearly four years now.

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