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Here's how you know Kamala crushed it

Every story on Daily Kos right now:

There are hundreds more, but you get the point.  People on this site are gushing over how well she did.

I expected to see the same thing on Red State, where every story would try to spin how well Mike Pence did. Instead, I got one story—and ONLY one story, which was not even the headline, and it was this:

It essentially praised them both and lauded them for avoiding the buffoonery we saw last week.  The editor of RedState gave the “edge” to Pence, but praised Kamala for doing well.  He also said he wished these two could be at the top of the tickets. I actually agree. 

But if the GOP wanted a game-changer, they failed again. 

Remember when the entire GOP was hoping these debates would turn around Trump’s fortunes? Hilarious. Remember when the Democratic leadership said we shouldn’t do them? Welp, we are now 2 for 2. Biden got millions after the last debate, and I expect Kamala will bring in a wealth of new money tonight. It just gets better and better.