Here is why Republican politicians need to deny the insurrection.

Denying the failed insurrection is important for Republican politicians because when reality sets in, it makes all of their talking points moot.

Why Republican politicians deny the insurrection

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The Party that claims to be the one of Law & Order has the Louie Gohmert faction that does not want to honor the Capitol Police for putting down the insurrection. Why are they doing this? Because they do not want the word insurrection carved out in the annals of the House. Unfortunately, for them, it is too late. They supported an overthrow of a legally elected government.

Unfortunately for these insurrectionists supporters, that one act has removed every talking point Republican politicians were enamored in using against Democrats even as it has always been disingenuous and false. As the seemingly high level of coordination and the direct violence against those defending the Capitol, including the police, are becoming clearer, it will continue to worsen.

Americans have been steered into having a very short attention span. In general, complicit Republicans and Republican politicians will prefer that the words insurrection and attempted coup not get recorded. After all, even with a short attention span, we can always retrieve the recorded history of the insurrection done truthfully and in the proper context.

Between now and 2022, we must make sure every American remember that many Republicans participated in an insurrection, an attempted coup of a democratically elected government. And subsequently, all Republican politicians, including those who enabled the insurrection, voted “no” when it was time to provide Americans with money in their pockets, food for the poor, relief for the working, and support for affected small businesses.

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  • March 20, 2021