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Here Is Hoping for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

She’s not perfect (but who is?), but here are some of the reasons why Democrats should pick Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House:

  • She’s done the job before, and she knows how to count votes and get things done in the House.
  • People forget that she got a lot of legislation through the House.  The problem was the U.S. Senate.  Sadly, it was Pelosi who took a hit in 2010.
  • She’s better on the issues than corporate Democrat Steny Hoyer.
  • She’s an effective woman, which will drive a certain baboon in the White House to throwing more feces.

Wait a minute!  Isn’t that last point just as bad as the Republican idiocy of owning the liberals?  Nope.  Unlike conservatives who will hurt themselves to own the libs, having Pelosi as Speaker doesn’t hurt me.  

We should want to enrage our opponents in D.C.  It makes them not think things through and make bad political decisions.  And we need Republicans to keep making bad political decisions for 2020, especially Donald Trump.

Isn’t that just as bad as what Republicans did to Obama?  Nope.  Republican lawmakers are supposedly adults and can try to work with Pelosi and Democrats for the good of the country.  But they haven’t done that for years.  It’s all about power and helping their donors.

Oh, and does anyone think that Trump and his fellow Republicans will be nice to any other Democratic Speaker? How many Democrats has the Republican mudslinging machine turned into demons?  I’ve lost count.   

We should not be picking our leaders based upon what Republicans think. 

That’s my two cents. 

Oh, and I think that all this noise about not voting for her is a tactic for some concessions on leadership post and committe assignments.