Her ‘poor kid, not white’ Biden story shows the gravity of his Freudian Slip

Kathleen believes statement by Joe Biden more than a Freudian slip

Recently, once again Biden puts his foot in his mouth. Unfortunately, it is becoming clear that these Freudian slips are corroborating of what we've seen and heard before from the former vice-president.

“We should challenge these students,” Joe Biden said at a recent event. “We should challenge students in these schools; to have advance placement programs in these schools. We have this notion that somehow if you are poor, You cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids, wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids.”

Kathleen is a regular listener of Politics Done Right. She has called the show before where she told tell her story of personal redemption when she learned to extricate racism from her most inner being. Ms. Morin-Morgan was clearly upset by those attempting to spin the vice-president's words. She has had to live through the Biden-type racism, one based on his own flawed assumptions.

Kathleen became a big sister a few years ago. She adopted a young girl as her little sister whose mother was struggling. They were poor. When she informed a friend, he asked her if her little sister was a black kid. The implication of his questions upset her. She schooled the friend on the real numbers and racial breakdown of the poor.

Later Kathleen would make it clear that she also thought that I was too understanding in my critique of the Biden. She had a rather prescient statement.

The polls can turn on a dime or a gaffe for a candidate like Biden. As I write this, Joe Biden is in Iowa. Bird-dogging is a mainstay at the Iowa fair. It seems Biden allowed a young Right-Wing bird-dogger to get under his skin asking a silly question about gender. He replied to her stating that there were at least three genders. I will not link to the video as I do not want to elevate its ranking. At some point, he held her arm firmly to tell her he was one of the first supporters of same-sex marriage. It is all the Right Wing media needed for a major lift-off which is underway. Biden is not ready for the type of campaigning necessary for 2020.

Elizabeth Warren on the other hand so far is showing mastery in dealing with the biased media. She showed her skills when she stuck to her narrative not allowing Chris Matthews to get a 'tax hike' sound bite and with me when I asked her about how she would handle the media attaching the socialist moniker on her in a pejorative manner.

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