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Hearing that Hispanic Enthusiasm is Down? Reuters/Ipsos National Tracking Poll Says Otherwise.

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“Ready for a fight: Voter enthusiasm surges among U.S. Hispanics

Hispanics are more interested in voting this year than in the last U.S. congressional midterm elections in 2014 and their enthusiasm outpaces that of all U.S. adults, according to a Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll released on Sunday.

The poll also found likely Hispanic voters nearly twice as inclined to support Democrats for the House of Representatives as Republicans in Tuesday’s elections.

Voter registration groups are using Republican President Donald Trump’s nationalist, anti-immigrant rhetoric as an opportunity to drive up Latino enthusiasm. In an illustration of their passion, one group that is part of an alliance that has reached out to more than 1 million potential voters in Arizona took its name from the Spanish word for “fight.”

The Reuters/Ipsos poll, taken Sept. 1 to Oct. 29, found that 36 percent of Hispanic voters said they were “certain” to vote, up from 27 percent in 2014. That increase is nearly double the five percentage point rise in voter enthusiasm among all Americans over the same period, the poll showed.

Enthusiasm appears especially high among Hispanic Democrats.

Forty-two percent of Hispanic Democrats said they were “certain” to vote, up from 29 percent in 2014. Among likely Hispanic voters, 60 percent said they will vote for a Democratic candidate for the House, and 32 percent would back a Republican.”

I couldn’t find the poll itself on line so we’ll have to assume Reuters’ numbers are correct.

I find it hopeful that while Hispanic voters that are certain to vote, as a whole, has increased by only 09%, Hispanics who identify as Democrats who are certain to vote has increased by 13% in the same time frame. My math skills aren’t the strongest but this indicates to me that Hispanic Republicans aren’t very enthusiastic at all.

I wonder why?

Any way, click over to Reuters and read the article for yourself.

I found it very informative.

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