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Heads We Win, Tails You Lose Reviews From the Corporate Media on Democratic Debate.

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Hmmmmm…Media asks leading questions of Democratic presidential candidates to get them to attack each other.  In latest debate, Elizabeth Warren comes out swinging against all the other candidates.  Bernie Sanders gets into it with Bloomberg and Buttigieg.  Klobuchar gets into personal fight with Buttigieg.  Biden even goes after Bloomberg.  

And Nicole Wallace of MSNBC’s Deadline White House declares that it was a circular firing squad that was a missed opportunity to attack Trump, who she says is “apparently” climbing in the polls.  And the other Democrats on the stage lament that Trump wasn’t the focus of the debate.

She only shows Klobuchar and Bloomberg making that complaint.  Funny that two of the candidates who did not do well last night would be complaining that Trump wasn’t the focus.  Also, there has been plenty of past praise for Klobuchar when she punches at Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg in previous debates.  But Klobuchar gets incoming, and it is suddenly, “The focus should be on Trump.”

Here is the link to the segment on Wallace’s show:…

You can see from the link that Wallace does the usual routine on Sanders — insert that Sanders is unelectable for the umpteenth time.  And she doesn’t get Warren’s strategy.  Warren might take out Bloomberg!  

Wouldn’t that just be devastating to the Democratic Party!

Oh, and I got a newsflash for Wallace:  Warren did bring up Trump.  She just did it masterfully by comparing arrogant sexist racist billionaire Bloomberg to arrogant sexist racist Trump.  As a reminder to the short term memory challenged Wallace:…

Yeah, Warren may have waited to late to show this fighting side of herself because Sanders appears to have consolidated the progressive wing.  But is she supposed to fold up shop and quit?  Oh yeah.  Bloomberg wants everyone else to do that so he can take on Sanders.

And did you notice that Rick Stengel thinks that Bloomberg actually showed the right temperment to be president?  Whatever medication he is taking, I want to get some of it.  He must be feeling absolutely no pain.

And it is not like Wallace works for a news network that dropped Warren from their most recent poll.

And in case you think I am unnecessarily picking on Wallace, here is the title to the latest Politico — Tigerbeat on the Potomac — article on that monster Elizabeth Warren:

Warren hits Bloomberg while he's down

Bloomberg stumbled badly under the barrage of criticism from Warren and others on stage.

And oh the humanities here:

Elizabeth Warren spent Wednesday night pummeling Mike Bloomberg on the debate stage. On Thursday morning, she swung even harder.

The Massachusetts senator expanded on her criticism of the billionaire former New York mayor, driving home her attacks on his past comments about women, record on law enforcement and his request that other candidates step aside so that he can take on Donald Trump in November.

“Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg announced that everyone should drop out of the race except himself and Bernie Sanders, and they should decide who the nominee will be,” Warren said Thursday on “The View.” “Well, I take exception to that. I’ve been told to sit down and be quiet enough in my life. I’m ready to stay in this fight.”

And sniffle…Pool old Mike Bloomberg was put on trial by that mean woman Warren:

Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey jumped to his defense Thursday morning, calling non-disclosure agreements “complicated.”
“Mike is running, not employees with grievances against other employees in the company,” Sheekey said on MSNBC. “We’re not putting them on trial. Elizabeth Warren wanted to put him on trial last night.”

Uh, I thought that Democratic voters wanted a candidate who was tough enough to take on Trump?  And all those candidates keep telling us they can defeat Trump.  How can they do that if they cannot demonstrate that they can attack and defend themselves from other Democrats?  Are we supposed to just take their word for it?

My thinking is one of the reasons that Warren faded in the polls was because she didn’t go on offense during previous debates.  Oh yeah!  One of Wallace’s panelist — Elise Jordan -brought that little fact up today!

And last time I checked, no one is criticizing Buttigieg for saying that Bernie Sanders wants to “burn down” the Democratic Party.  That seems fine and dandy for the Media.  Go Mayor Pete! /s.

So Democrats, especially progressive ones, start to throw verbal punches, and we have a circular firing squad.  Never mind that at least two of the centrist Democrats got some political mileage when they attacked Warren and Sanders.   And when Klobuchar hits Buttigieg, she convinced enough voters in New Hampshire to vote her into a close contest with Buttigieg.

I sense a pattern here.

Frankly, I found this debate the best of the bunch.  The candidates showed some damn passion and fight, except for the Republican Bloomberg.  And yes Bloomberg fans, he is still really a Republican with a Democratic label.  This is probaby the biggest reason why Wallace and Politico are spinning the debate.  Poor old Bloomberg bombed last night. 

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