HEADS UP DEMs: Hillary is the wrong messenger, but she’s doing what Democrats must do immediately!

Many want the old guard to chill. But Hillary is on point here as she hits Republicans from a position of strength and not on the defensive.

Hillary hits the nail on the head

Hillary’s message at the New York Democratic convention was on point. It was a powerful and truthful attack to put Republicans on the defensive for their ill deeds.

“Republicans will claim they’re on the side of parents and family values,” Hillary Clinton said. “But they will do nothing for actual parents or families. Nothing on child care, nothing on paid leave, nothing to help working moms and dads get by and get ahead.”

Her message is concise, and it is one every parent, irrespective of any party, can understand. There is much more than Democrats need to say. But they must do so from a position of strength.

The crime rate has gone up throughout the country. The media are particularly hyping up the crime rate in Harris County, Texas, which became a very blue county with the election of mostly Democratic judges. Democrats so far are allowing Republicans to define the crime problem as one that Democratic judges created by releasing felons on bail. While a tiny percentage of those released on bail committed crimes, it is minuscule in the second-largest county in the country.

It should drive everyone crazy that Democrats are not assertive in their defense. The Texas legislature made guns accessible to anyone over 18 without a license. It is the wild west that many waned them about repeatedly. Democrats, in addition to the narrative Hillary used above, should be tagging Republicans with creating crime with their gun policies. When doing so, we must not allow the 2nd Amendment defense. We must ignore it and go directly to the sanctity of life and let them defend why they support death.

We must remind Americans that many Republican governors are closing their hospitals in rural areas because of their ideological objection to the ACA. Remind Americans that the death rates and life expectancies under their Red States are far from the pro-life values their politicians preach.

Democrats have a strong message devoid of any specific ideology even as Progressives embrace them. Americans like winners and those who act like winners. With Democrats and Progressives, that message is one of truth.

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  • February 20, 2022