He is not just obstructing justice..He is making all of us look irrelevant .


Waiting for the person who went out for a pack of cigarettes and you holding supper is what this is like.   The person left and now here it is a week later and you have not seen hyde nor hair of them.  Supper is ruined and everyone went somewhere else to eat and not coming back for breakfast or lunch.  The speaker thinks there is still some sort of coming in with the evidence that can send this bunch to jail eventually, then you are mistaken.   IMPEACH INQUIRY NOW.  Even if it dies in the senate, the truth will get out.   You and our representatives have a job to do whether the senate does their’s or not.   They are not going to do their job of oversight.

Speaker Pelosi, they are going to avoid, divert, dodge, obstruct and you cannot investigate what you do not have in your possession.   I do not understand what you are waiting for.   Further investigation?  Of What?   Court appointed judges beholding to this administration and party to give you a go ahead?   Won’t happen with every day that passes.   Voters for truth are wanting to feel constitutional oversight.  People want legislation passed and that will not be happening while leaders are wanting these crooks to just get up one morning and say, “OK, you can oversee what is going on”.  Not going to happen. 

You have been told that the people who voted for the majority in the congress does not matter and is not equal because they want oversight.   You not only have an obligation to the constitution to start impeachment hearings, you have an obligation to the voters who elected a majority in the house.   

What part of this do you not understand?  It is clear as a bell to me.  The voters are restless and angry and if you are looking a certain polls that it is not politically good for the party, I suggest you look at that constitution and stop looking at polls.  Polls cannot be trusted, need you be reminded of the Clinton 2016 election and every poll saying she was in.   

If this congress is waiting for 2020, you just may not be in the majority and we will have 4 more years of God knows what.   Start the process.  

A 16 year old would be fired from McDonalds or Dairy Queen for letting the customer wait too long for their order while the worker is trying to figure out if the ice cream machine will deliver enough cream to make the shake.   Waiting on it to work would just frustrate the customer.   Stall tactics and calling it strategy is just fruitless.   You are playing a dangerous game here with the voters.  We deserve to not have obstruction, to know the truth, and hold people accountable.   I don’t want the people impeached because we did not take the white house in 2016.  I want oversight from the people we hired in 2018.  Damn the Senate if they don’t do their jobs.  You do yours.   Forget the polls.  Forget waiting.  People will not show up in 2020 if they see courage lacking.  Does Speaker Pelosi know what I hear most everyday from Trump people who are family members?  I know it is being said in other circles. 

EXACT Quote.

    Your own speaker does not think he has done anything wrong or he would be up for impeachment.   It is just that ya’ll are mad because he won the election.  Just a few socialist left leaning commies that does not want him to succeed.

The last thing progressive women want to see right now, something that projects  weak or indecisive or procrastination decisions  from a woman.  You can only walk that line so long.   You might as well be talking to your 3 year olds saying, Ok I am not going to tell you again after 30 times and then say, we’ll see if you need punishing after I talk to all of your siblings after the 3 year old misbehaved in full view.  HE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW.  THESE TIMES ARE NOT NORMAL.