He fed the tigers that are going to EAT him.

Wow… Just wow.  I don’t have to write a darn thing in this diary.  Read the facts.  They don’t lie.   This is gonna hurt Trump big time.  He fed the tigers that fueled their rise in politics.   He actually fed the tigers who are going to eat him in 2020.

We know he donated to Clinton and the Foundation but when the deplorables talk about how the democratic party and their voters are commies and enemies.  Send them the link.   ROFL.

ballotpedia.org/…  Donald Trump’s political contributions.

Notable donations to federal-level Democrats
Name Number of donations Total
Charlie Rangel (N.Y.) 14 $15,750
Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) 9 $8,900
Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) 8 $8,700*
Harry Reid (Nev.) 4 $7,400
John Kerry (Mass.) 7 $5,500
Anthony Weiner (N.Y.) 2 $4,300
Joe Biden (Del.) 1 $1,000
Notable donations to state-level Democrats
Name Year Total Result of Race
Andrew Cuomo (N.Y.) 2010 $30,800 Governor, Won general
Ed Rendell (Pa.) 2002 $27,000 Governor, Won general
Terry McAuliffe (Va.) 2009 $25,000 Governor, Lost primary
Andrew Cuomo (N.Y.) 2006 $20,000 Attorney General, Won general
Eliot Spitzer (N.Y.) 2002 $11,000* Attorney General, Won general
Andrew Cuomo (N.Y.) 2002 $6,000 Governor, Lost general
Kamala D. Harris (Calif.) 2014 $6,000 Attorney General, Won general
Rod Blagojevich (Ill.) 2002 $5,000 Governor, Won general
Ed Rendell (Pa.) 2006 $5,000 Governor, Won
Mike Pence (Ind.) 2012 $2,500 Governor, Won general

He gave more to Harris than he did to his own VP pick.  ROFL..

Now for some music to suit the occasion.  A song that should be playing in Donnie’s head.

Go Joe !  Go Kamala Harris !

She is right here !!!!!