I have been a veterans advocate for years.   I never ever heard one say that when at war they whined and complained about sleeping in the rain and mud while taking a crap holding on to a tree with people shooting at them, I have never heard them say they thought about just leaving and to hell with the people in the war with them.   I never heard one say they would not abide by their orders, whether to stay at their firebase or charge ahead into dangerous areas.  NOT ONE. Maybe I have not talked to enough veterans but I have talked to plenty.  Some of the people are veterans but they are in desperate need of mental health, IMO.

This pandemic is a war and Trump is acting like a general telling troops to disobey the commanding officers ( governors) and be as selfish and cowardly and narcissist as he.   In times of war, doing such would be considered  reason for relief of command.   

These people who are protesting their governors and Shelter in Place orders are risking lives.   They are selfish and cowards and don’t give a damn about nothing but a paycheck.   What good is a billion or trillion dollars if you are dead and killed most of the people around you?   Shit for brains.   I have come to the conclusion these people have had Fox News and right winged talkers scramble any brain cells they have for 12.00 dollars an hour.  It’s a hoax.  They don’t really want to go to work.  They want a rebellion and have wanted one since the Tea Party movement.   

Fox News should be shut down and by golly when you start endangering lives, you have no business spreading propaganda that kills.   Your freedom of speech should be limited to the constitution especially when you take away the life part of liberty and justice for all.   That is no different than Toyko Rose.   When the leader of a country tells you to break the law then where does it stop?   Run over old people?  Shoot people who disagree with your so called stable genius best brain hero?   Killing is killing and dead is dead.

The so called evangelical christians are not anything but hypocritical  hijackers of faith preaching nonsense and death to other citizens in a cult.   I am tired of it.  

Yes it is hard to shelter in place.  Yes it is hard to step away from norms in times of difficulty.  Who are these entitled nuts?  All they are being asked to do is keep their ass at home and watch TV or cook a meal or spend time finding something to do useful.  They are not asked to board a plane and strap on military weapons and storm a beach or run through a jungle with people shooting at you and dodging bullets along with avoiding tripwires or IED’s.  They are not asked to be thousands of miles away from home and eat meals left over from another war or scrounge for food eating bamboo.  They are not on the front lines watching people die and suffer as in other wars.   They couldn’t cut a shooting war.  They are selfish cowards and spoiled to having things their way.   I am sick of it and they need to be locked up not only for their safety but for the world’s.  They want to play golf, and go out to eat and prop theirselves up doing just as they please, something that does not happen in  shooting wars or depressions, or PANDEMICS.  Whiney, spoiled babies, and we wonder why we are in such a mess.   I honestly believe these idiots are the ones my Mother warned me about when she said, “ If your friend told you to jump off a roof would you do it because they said to”?  Use your brain.  

The people of the great depression wandered through the dust bowl and looked for work or a meal of anykind dealt with the cards they had.  They sucked it up and did what was needed to do for themselves, their families and mankind till things got better.  The people protesting would not have lasted one day, one month or even maybe 30 minutes in wars, depression or even some of the hard times we have experienced.   Football, oh NO?  We have to open things up.  Fools !!!!!!!!!!  These are the same people who want to have a confrontation with people who have courage and fortitude to stick this hard time by staying at home and taking precautions.   They have not got the guts or the courage to confront some of us.   They have to have cheerleaders urging them to jump off the roof and take as many of us with them.  The national guard should be enforcing those rules of the governors and locking them up.

I hope and pray and I think my prayers get higher than the ceiling, some international order will step in and do something to protect we law abiding citizens and help us from death by tweet,  I don’t care if you call it the deep state, the illumaniti, or just international order… Something has to be done before these idiots wipe out mankind.    If this continues, I highly suggest you hang your flags upside down.   If there ever was a time….to do that, now is the time. RANT OVER.. Mic drop.

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