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Hazards Of Being a Pro-Trump Democrat Running In a Redstate.

I will vote for Amy McGrath, and I have given her money before.  I will support her to the best of my ability.  I want to get all that on the record because I’m going to layout what I think is some caution about her political strategy.  McGrath is going to pound on McConnell for not helping Trump with parts of his agenda that McGrath supports.  And the Courier-Journal is starting to call her a “Pro-Trump Democrat” because of her opening attack on McConnell.  This may prove to be the best political move, but there is a downside to McGrath’s campaign strategy:  what if something torpedoes Trump’s hold on Kentucky voters?

I know.  I have the deepest cynicism when it comes to my fellow Kentuckians.  And the odds are extremely high that absolutely nothing Trump does will sour Kentuckians on him.  But let’s play a game of “What if?”

One of the potential political bombs that might go off in Trump’s face is his legal attempt to overturn the ACA.

It sure looks like that federal appeals court in Louisiana is chomping at the bit to kill the ACA.  And Trump has directed the DOJ to side with those Republican state attorney generals who started this whole process of trying to kill the ACA.  And I am betting that the appeals court will rule that the ACA is unconstitutional because the individual mandate has no tax penalties now.

Yes, yes, yes.  The SCOTUS already ruled that the ACA was constitutional, but here we are.  AGAIN.  Seems that Republicans can go judge shopping and find judges who come up with lunatic legal theories.  And it looks like it will go back to the SCOTUS.

Will Chief Justice Roberts save the day again with the ACA?  Shrugs.  But either way, it appears that this decision will be made during the 2020 Election.

If the SCOTUS saves the ACA again, this will just remind the voters that Trump has been trying to take away the healthcare of tens of millions of people.  If the SCOTUS goes wacky and kills the ACA, all hell should break loose.  And Republicans who have been gleeful about destroying the ACA will have a rude awakening.

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Medicare For All is too far left for you voters?  Try losing your healthcare and all those protections that the ACA brought.  No more protections for pre-existing conditions.  No more keeping your kid on your health insurance until age 26.  The return of garbage health insurance policies.  And probably skyrocketing premiums and deductibles.  The Republican health care plan is for tens of millions to lose their coverage.

Now who are the true radicals on healthcare?

By the way, half a million Kentuckians would lose their healthcare if the ACA is killed.  Might that dampen the love for Trump in Kentucky?  In a logical world, it should.  

Yes, never underestimate the power of hate.  No need to remind me of that.  I live in Kentucky.  There are more than a few in Kentucky who would sacrifice their healthcare coverage to hurt the “others” who Trump promised to hurt.

I honestly do not know how this “What if?” would unfold in Kentucky.  But I know that it has a good chance of occuring.  And any sane politician would not want to be around Trump when this political bomb goes off.

The good news is that McGrath has already laid out some positions on healthcare that don’t jibe with Trumps.  My hope is that she will highlight that overturning the ACA is a terrible idea.  The bad news for McConnell is that he has already said that we need to rip up the ACA by the roots.  And he is on the record voting against the ACA over 50 times.

My point is that no rational politician wants to be anywhere to close to Trump over the next year.

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