Has the US raised “a stink” about North Korea because it “gave off a powder smell”

North Korea is starting to test its relationship with the Biden administration. One of the few concessions that North Korea got from Trump aside from his foreign policy ignorance was the suspension of Republic of Korea/US joint military exercises.

This is the first signal of contact prior to a review of US policy. This is a misdirection that one expert says “’reeks of hypocrisy,’ coming after North Korea had conducted its own winter military drills.”

There will be overtures, even if Biden critics claim there’s been no contact revealing that we know a lot even if the public claims are that “we know so little”. All remains propaganda, even as random Trumpists still tout 45’s “step into North Korea” in his elevator rather than escalator shoes.

TOKYO — North Korea complained about ongoing U.S.-South Korea military exercises on Tuesday and warned the Biden administration that if it wanted peace for the next four years, it should refrain from “causing a stink.”
The complaint, issued by Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, comes as the United States’ top diplomat and its defense chief are in the region for talks with the Japanese and South Korean governments.

The annual joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea, which began on March 8, are always a source of tension with Pyongyang. They have been scaled back for the past three years and only conducted by computer simulation, initially to allow space for dialogue with the North but now also because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The main target of Tuesday’s irate statement was South Korea, and Kim Yo Jong made it clear that even a scaled-back exercise, designed to target “fellow countrymen,” was unacceptable.

Everything else Trump did over the four years wound up badly serving his domestic policy needs and his hope for a Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile the DPRK continues missile and weapons development, unhindered by Trump policy, whatever that was. Biden’s policy could move back to human rights rather than a large orange ego, but RWNJ media has already declared Biden’s efforts a failure because they remain committed to the vagueness of whatever Trump did. The delusion that Trump maintained was something, something denuclearization with only concessions of suspending or scaling back US joint exercises with South Korea.

Trump’s historic summits and gushing comments about his friendship with Kim won the U.S. little. The two leaders agreed a vague goal of denuclearization and sanctions relief at the first summit in Singapore in 2018, but the pledge quickly broke down as working level talks stalled.

  • March 16, 2021