OK, I know this is going to get CT’d to death, but Trump is the ultimate huckster and I think this is a possibility. Some will say that suggesting this breaks norms, but if we have learned anything is that Trump’s one great advantage is that he will break any norm that exists while others reflexively follow them. Let’s take a look at what was happening when Trump tested positive.

He was heading into the third day of terrible press over his Proud Boys comment. He needed to immediately change the subject WITHOUT admitting he was wrong or saying anything that would upset his white supremacist base. Practically impossible.

Biden was gaining a great deal of momentum. One great poll after another. People were calling the race over. There was almost no way to stop Biden’s momentum.

COVID-19 is on the rise and he is getting terrible press for holding rallies. He can’t stop because that would make him wrong.

Trump needed to initially freeze the race and make himself a sympathetic figure.

At midnight he announces in a VERY un-Trump like Tweet that he and his wife have COVID-19.

The press is frozen for the next 14 days and feel the need to be sympathetic to Trump.

Now this guy has every co-morbidity known to humans. If he winds up in the hospital I will be the first one to send him a sympathy card. I agree that we should not dance on his grave. But what if he re-emerges fourteen days later fit as a fiddle.  Remember, Trump’s argument is not that COVID-19 does not exist, it is that it is not dangerous. Less dangerous than the flu. He opens his arms and shouts, “Look at me, I am fine.” It will give him momentum coming out the the 14 day lull two weeks before the election.

We forget that Trump is the ultimate con man capable of anything. We forget that at our peril.

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