To all my friends, this year has been a doozy but no matter how you spend Thanksgiving….Be safe.

Don’t gather in large crowds or even small ones.  Stick close to the homefront and if you prepare Turkey or Chicken, be sure to sanitize your work area.   

I hope you thawed your meat in the fridge and don’t wash the bird before you cook it.  You can splatter bacteria.  Even if you don’t wash the turkey, be sure to use hot soapy water on cutting boards, counters and everything you touch after pulling the innards out of the turkey.   I use Bleach or vinegar to completely wash down my utensils and sink.  ( 2) tablespoon of bleach to hot water and scrub the sink.  Wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm soapy water and get under nails if you do or don’t use cooking gloves.  You don’t want cross contamination.  I go overboard a bit because I use sanitizing wipes on handles of things I touched because I am nervous about cross contamination.  Cook that turkey done.  Use a meat thermometer to make sure you have thoroughly cooked that bird.

I am concerned for all because on top of being  not being safe with food borne illness, hospitals are full of Covid.  They don’t need food poisioning  on top of everything else.   

Be thankful if you are well and blow kisses virtually and think about how you can doubly enjoy Thanksgiving if you be very careful this Thanksgiving day.  It is just traditional to have it at this time.  When we get Covid under control, we can resume our gatherings.  

Watch a movie….curl up with a good book …play cards or board games or try and stay positive.  For those who are missing some family, remember the good times and just relax your head from this year’s craziness.  

For those alone, enjoy your meal and give us a shout out , some of us are always here.

Happy Thanksgiving and please, please be safe.  If you have a bologna sandwich…be thankful…so many people are starving this year.  (((((Hugs)))) to you all.

Happy Turkey Day.

For an uplifting video…. Watch this.. I had a ball watching it.

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