Happy 4/20! Almost 7 in 10 Americans want cannabis legalized

The problem with having Christmas every day, as the folks behind these weird Christmas-themed attractions surely know by now, is that when Dec. 25 actually comes around, Christmas doesn’t seem that special.

That’s a bit how I feel on 4/20. What am I gonna do? Get higher? I’m not sure that’s possible. Outside of putting myself on a hash oil IV drip, I don’t know how I could cram any more THC into my body. I suppose I could take advantage of modern gene-splicing technology to transform my feet into a pair of lungfish that can methodically toke away as I sleep, but that might make my monthly pedicure a smidge awkward. And the lungfish foot fetish community is not nearly as active as you might think.

So other than leaving out (plant-based) milk and (vegan) cookies for myself and paying rapt attention to this YouTube yule log for three hours, I don’t have a lot of special ways to celebrate this very special holiday.

Except, maybe, with this.

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