Hannity's brown-nosing of Trump may win him a congressional subpoena

Sean Hannity long ago ceded his soul to Donald Trump in exchange for access and an eternity spent as Satan’s go-to ass loofah. But now it looks like his pusillanimity may actually cause him trouble in this earthly realm.

In an interview with DJT last night, Hannity was eager to prostrate himself further, and so he blurted out something really, really ill advised.


Hannity and Trump were discussing Wednesday’s testimony by Michael Cohen in which the president’s former fixer testified that Trump had personally arranged the payments. Cohen provided personal checks as proof.

Hannity noted that he had been “dragged into the Michael Cohen issue” because Cohen named him as one of his clients. “He was never my attorney,” Hannity reiterated.

Then, to assure the president that he agreed that Cohen had lied about the payments, Hannity added, “I can tell you personally: He said to me at least a dozen times that he made the decision on the payments and he didn’t tell you. He told me that personally.”

That’s all well and good, Sean, but now you’ve made yourself part of a congressional investigation, and you may have to repeat your verbal reach-around under oath.



While I haven’t personally watched Hannity’s show in some time, his testimony would definitely be must-see TV.



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