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Hannity radio producer on Meghan Markle: 'She's very uppity'

Okay, I don’t usually write much, or care much, about the royal family — because it’s 2020, and being an American who cares about the royals is sort of like complaining that your Chuck E. Cheese place setting had the salad fork in the wrong spot.

I mean, the royals are basically elaborate sandcastles waiting for the tide of history to wash them out to sea. It’s like the whole of Britain has an inflamed appendix that flares up once every couple of years, but they refuse to remove it even though it’s demonstrably useless.

So, yeah, whatever. I only wish I didn’t have to hear about it every time some pincer-faced blue-blood scion sired another woebegone Buckingham Palace set piece, but frankly, I have bigger problems. As do we all.

That said, what the heeeeeellllllll just happened on Sean Hannity’s radio show? They were talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to take a step back from royal duties and, well, read for yourself.

Via Media Matters:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): There's something off here. Don't you think there's something off? Apparently William, his brother, said, “You know, you may be moving a little too fast, maybe slow it down,” apparently that didn't go over well.  

LYNDA MCLAUGHLIN: Yeah, I think his family thinks he's an idiot, because he is. And I think that —

HANNITY: Why do you think he's an idiot?

MCLAUGHLIN: Oh, Harry's always been the red-headed child. He's always been the one, he can't get it together, he's at the parties, the clubs, he's a hot mess.

HANNITY: What I didn't like in this whole thing — I'll say one thing I didn't like. I didn't like that Meghan didn't even get on the phone as she was in Canada, and she was invited to be a part of that meeting. That I didn't like. That, to me is —

MCLAUGHLIN: Yeah, she's very uppity. She's — she's one of those liberal elitists, you know?

Uh, where have you been, Lynda McLaughlin? Haven’t you ever seen Blazing Saddles? Any second now Cleavon Little is gonna smack you in the back of the head with a shovel.

Jesus Christ.

And Harry is an idiot because he doesn’t want to be in a fishbowl? Meghan Markle is an elitist because she doesn’t, erm, want to be enmeshed in the insanity of the royal family — the most “elitist” institution on the face of the earth?

I think their wanting to pull back makes them, well, human.

Also, does McLaughlin really think there’s some connection between the phrase “redheaded stepchild” and literally having red hair? I’m not sure she’s quite grokking the significance of that one.

So, yeah, leave these two alone. From what I hear, the U.K. has thrown enough subtle racism in Markle’s direction. We don’t need more coming from this side of the pond.

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