Hannity offers some strategic advice for NATO in Ukraine and it might be worse than you'd expect

Generalissimo Sean Hannity, the high commander for war strategy at Fox News, has an idea that will end the war! Erm, sorry—I meant “world.” Those two words sound so similar. 

Anyone with any sense of history knows that the last thing President Joe Biden can do is send the U.S. military into Ukraine while Russia conducts its war of aggression. Nor can NATO—which includes three nuclear powers—get involved. Because if you start a war between nuclear powers, you never know where it will end—and not knowing whether a war will go nuclear is an uncomfortable place to be on a Friday night when you’re just trying to take a bath and relax to the soothing strains of whale songs and Russian presidents accidentally falling out of windows.

But Hannity is sure he knows better because he knows everything … about the alternate universe in his head, that is.

  • March 3, 2022
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