'Hannity' graphic labels Michigan's UP as Canada. (Sorry, Yoopers, Trump is still your pr*sident)

I’m originally from Wisconsin, and I always wondered why the UP wasn’t part of our state. I mean, look at it. It’s connected and everything. And I’ve been there. To the UP, that is. Culturally, it’s Wisconsin, as evidenced by the sheer number of deer carcasses on the roofs of cars — usually during hunting season, but not always.

That said, it’s definitely part of Michigan. Which is in the United States and not, well, Canada.

Someone needs to tell Sean Hannity’s flunkies that.



— Robin Walker (@rwalker7841) November 20, 2020


— Lori Pepper ☮️ (@LAPepper) November 19, 2020


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Of course, Sean Hannity has never really cared about “facts.” And Trump would gladly trade Michigan for Greenland if he could dispense with the 16 electoral votes the state has pledged to President-elect Joe Biden. (I’m sure that’s come up in White House meetings recently, too.)

But sorry, Yoopers. No universal health care for you! Go suck on a hydroxychloroquine lollipop until Republicans stop fucking around with the ACA and blocking essential health care reforms. If that forces you to suck forever, so be it …

Go Badgers!

Oh, now that was really uncalled for, wasn’t it? Shame on me.

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  • November 20, 2020