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Hannity, et al., are freaking out over Mueller press conference

When you live 24/7 inside a giant acrylic hamster ball full of unicorn glitter farts and faerie dreams, reality can really chafe you when it finally rears its head.

Sean Hannity and some Fox regulars are finding that out now.

Today, in the wake of the Robert Mueller press conference — in which he stated in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump was not exonerated — much of the right-wing echo chamber was suddenly howling to the sky.

(h/t Media Matters)

On his radio show, Sean Hannity simply said that Mueller was full of crap:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): This nine-minute press conference by Robert Mueller, first of all, he's full of crap. It's laughable on the surface what he is saying.

And compared to other Trump-fluffers, Hannity was restrained. Frequent Fox guest and sometime Hannity sub Dan Bongino went ballistic on his radio show:

DAN BONGINO (HOST): Mueller has said you can't charge a president with a crime. Why is he saying that? He's saying that because he wants the liberals and the talking heads, which you'll see tonight, I guarantee it, you'll see tonight on TV. He wants the liberals to go out and say, “Look, the president clearly committed a crime. Mueller laid it out, and the only reason he didn't charge him is because he was the president.” You may say, “Well, Dan, that is what Mueller said, what's the comeback to that?” The comeback is very easy — that is not what Bob Mueller told Bill Barr.

Either Mueller is lying or Barr is lying. And I will bet you my right arm and I will throw in my left as a bonus, that Bob Mueller just lied to the American people, about a conversation he had with Bill Barr because he was losing the narrative.  

He is lying. One-hundred percent.

And on Laura Ingraham’s podcast, frequent Fox guest Joe diGenova said we’re in a civil war and Robert Mueller disgraced himself. Oh, and if the Democrats impeach, it will get “ugly”:

JOE DIGENOVA (GUEST): As I said on your show some time ago, for which I took a lot of heat when we did a podcast, we're in a civil war in this country. And let me tell you something, we are. And we're watching it. And Bob Mueller is right in the middle of it. And what he did today was a disgrace to the rule of law. No matter what anyone says.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I think that we all as Americans have to pause in the media maelstorm, and Joe you've made this point before but it's worth repeating, of how serious it is when in a political season the gears of our legal and political establishment are turned by those with a political motivation. Politically motivated to either prevent the election win of an individual, the true meddling in the election which is what they were trying to do with their insurance policy and surveillance of Trump campaign officials, Carter Page, etc. And then afterward with the Comey leak of the memo to The New York Times to get the thing published, to roll out the investigation, to spur the special counsel. I mean this was all the old establishment rearing up and trying to take down Trump during the campaign and after the campaign. And if they can do it to a populist conservative like Trump, why couldn't they do it to a liberal if they decided there was a liberal person who was a threat? So, I mean, how do liberals think they're safe here? That's what I don't understand.

DIGENOVA: This was an amazing assault on an incoming President of the United States. And I will tell you, if they go to impeachment, you are going to see a roiling of this country like you have never seen before. Because what they are doing is, they never liked this result, they wanted her to be president. She didn't win because she was a lousy candidate, and now they want to strip him of his presidency. If they go down this route to impeachment, there is going to be a reaction in this country which the Democrats will regret. This is going to get very ugly, it's going to become just beyond anything that I can think of right now. Except that the anger is going to increase and increase and increase. There is only so long that a person and a system can take this type of assault. This is an illegitimate assault on a presidency.

So, yeah, a pretty good day overall.

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