Half of Caravan Numbers Are Children Suffering From Heat and Lack Of Hygiene Experts Report.

Huffington Post

“While President Donald Trump recently tweeted that the migrant caravan of over 5,000 Central Americans is made up of some “very bad thugs and gang members,” a handful of immigration experts and advocates told HuffPost that’s not the case.

The reality, some experts said, is that the caravan is full of children who have embarked on a physically and mentally grueling trip to escape life-threatening situations in Central America. About half of the estimated 4,000 people in the caravan are children, ranging in age from 1-month-old babies to teenagers.

The more than two-week-long journey, which has reached southern Mexico, has at times involved walking for up to seven hours in 104-degree temperatures without access to clean water. The migrants are forced to sleep on the ground and don’t have enough blankets….

The trek has left children dehydrated, faint and sick, according to advocates and pediatricians. The group is so exhausted that they have paused for the past few days in Juchitan, a city in southern Mexico, to rest and in hopes that buses will take them to Mexico City.

“These are human beings,” said Alex Mensing, an organizer for Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the immigration rights group that organized the caravan. “The children on the caravan don’t know what a border means.”

Meanwhile, confronted with evidence that the caravan is made up of mostly children drumpf is pushing a newly crafted conspiracy theory. 


When the litany of lies, corruption and crimes committed by this administration and the political party that sponsors it is finally, thankfully, consigned to history, this demonization and persecution of a small band of political refugees will have to rank near the top of their crimes against humanity.